Gabriel Group Announces Loaves and Fishes as 2016 Pay-It-Forward Recipient


Gabriel Group is proud to announce our ninth Pay-It-Forward recipient: Loaves and Fishes for St. Louis.

Loaves and Fishes serves those who have been struck by economic hardships, providing them with resources and support to help them realize self-sufficiency. As the longest running homeless shelter in St. Louis County, Loaves and Fishes has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It all started in 1981 when a homeless man knocked on the door of Dr. Donald C. and Dr. Dorothy M. Femmer. The man was given a tomato sandwich and offered heartfelt conversation. That day, the Femmers vowed that no one would ever leave their home hungry again. And thus, Loaves and Fishes was born. Today, Loaves and Fishes provides food for over 4,000 people and housing for over 250 women and children each year.

In recent years, Gabriel Group associates have chosen to select a local St. Louis-area charity for our Pay-It-Forward effort in order to make a bigger impact within our community. The entire company participates in fundraising throughout the calendar year to reach a goal of raising $10,000 in honor of our clients in lieu of a traditional Christmas gift. Associates are already working their way towards a great year of charitable giving with efforts such as a loose change jar and monthly raffle giveaways.

In years past, Gabriel Group has funded a spring water aqueduct in the Dominican Republic to help provide children with safe drinking water; built four double-family homes in earthquake-ravaged Haiti; funded a new classroom at an early childhood education center in Zambia; provided food and clothing to an orphanage in Mozambique; supported relief efforts following the tornado in Joplin; joined in the fight to end cancer in memory of a beloved associate; and focused on helping local St. Louis children suffering from abuse and neglect.

We as a company are so excited to kick off another year of giving back, especially to such an amazing organization as Loaves and Fishes. Make sure to keep up with our progress via our Facebook page as we continue to raise funds throughout 2016!

Postal Rates to Decrease on April 10, 2016

Gabriel Group is happy to share that the Postal Regulatory Commission is removing an exigent surcharge which will reduce United States Postal Service rates.

The decrease will officially take effect on April 10, 2016.

So what does all this mean, exactly?

For regular standard mail, our nonprofit clients can expect a decrease of approximately $0.005 per piece or about a $50 decrease for a 10,000-piece mailing. Our for-profit clients will experience about a $0.009 decrease per piece or about a $90 decrease for a 10,000-piece mailing.

For your convenience, we are making our Postal Rate Chart available for download. Click here to view and save the PDF.