A Place for “Thanks” in Business


The business world is one filled with high stress, bureaucratic decision-making and impersonal interactions, not to mention one that operates on the ruthless phrase “dog eat dog.” It’s easy to forget we’re all human in the midst of the latest crisis or the monotony of day-to-day tasks. But the fact of the matter is that each of us run on – no matter how hard we try to suppress or ignore them – emotions. Although the stigma to leave our feelings out of the office rages on, they do directly connect to a universal willingness to build meaningful relationships and an eagerness to be appreciated. Thanksgiving brings to light this reminder once a year, but by making it a part of your everyday routine, you will notice not only a difference in your relationships, but also in your overall experience and quality of life while at work. Clients, donors, co-workers – they are all worthy of sincere thanks not only around the holidays, but throughout the year. The importance of acknowledgement and recognition to the many people we interact with at the office can make a major impact on the lives of those who surround us, as well as our own. So are you ready to buy in?


The individuals and organizations that both B2B and B2C companies provide services for are on the top of this list for many reasons. Not only do partnerships aid in keeping both parties in business, but the amount of trust that is put in each other’s hands is undoubtedly humbling. The act of acknowledging your clients’ choice to step away from their own marketing efforts, or whatever it may be, is huge. This decision is not only scary for them but also extremely difficult. This concept is what drives businesses forward to provide exceptional customer service and develop a relationship fundamentally built on gratitude. Whether tasked with organizing sensitive customer information, handling creative direction or sending even one piece of mail, for that matter – the relationships that are fostered should not only be a priority, but a passion. Thanking clients on a regular basis with surprise treats on a holiday, customized birthday cards or a short and sweet quarterly appreciation email are among multiple outreach efforts that speak volumes when it comes to showing that you’re especially thankful when it comes to your customers.


Donating to a cause that is close to someone’s heart is one of the most sensitive and generous acts of kindness a person can perform. Why shouldn’t your thankfulness be communicated the same way? Larger nonprofits can quickly get bogged down by thousands, if not millions, of donors every single year. It is so easy to get overwhelmed while trying to stay focused on the next donation that hasn’t even come in yet. But creating and following through on a donor thank-you program is incredibly important when it comes to retention and establishing a lifelong bond. Maybe your CEO carves out an hour each week to get on the phone with your top donors, or your strategy includes a sentimental and personalized thank-you card to every single person who contributes to your organization. Whatever it is, showing your donors you love them back is a fundamental part of the nonprofit world where donors openly give their time, money and heart to supporting your mission to better the world.


This one might seem like the most obvious, but it is oftentimes the most difficult. We all know the statistics on the number of hours we spend at the office versus our own home; the reminder of thanking our second family while at work can often slide down our to-do list as quickly as it landed there. Having thank-you notes handy whenever something big or small happens around the office can be an encouraging kickstart to turn a small mission into a regular habit. But more than anything, real and genuine conversations – whether with a manager or with your work BFF – undeniably makes the most impact. The next time you sit down to craft yet another quick reply “Thank you!” email, try making the effort to walk down to your co-workers desk in order to create a more personal and meaningful experience instead. Taking for granted where you work is one thing, but taking for granted the people who make your life easier on a daily basis is another thing entirely. Make sure to reach out, connect, and share your appreciation with your teammates on a regular basis.

Balancing a sense of reality and productivity in the workplace is a challenge we all struggle with. Many times it is hard to step out of our latest mindset to gauge a broader sense of not only if we feel appreciated, but if others are receiving the appreciation they deserve as well. It’s a tough concept to keep in mind with the craziness of life always getting in the way, but it is so incredibly important in the broader scheme of things. Living a life and working a job where thanking others for their contribution to your own personal cause – no matter how small – tends to keep the chaos at bay and gratefulness at the forefront of your mind. This Thanksgiving, make it a point to continue the pattern of recognition and thanks everywhere you go – particularly where you do business and with the people you work with. All in a day’s work, right?

On that note, thank you so much for reading our blog! You are one of the many things we are grateful for here at Gabriel Group. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family this Holiday season.

Your Friends at GG