5 Simple Steps to Shield Your Donor Base From Tax Reform Fallout

If the final Tax Cuts and Jobs Act resembles the bills that have passed through the House and Senate, nonprofits could see one reason for giving — tax benefits — almost disappear.

But that doesn’t mean gifts will go down. There are other, more powerful reasons donors give to your cause, and Gabriel Group fundraising experts recommend that you work on reinforcing those reasons rather than expending all your efforts on reacting to the changes.

Here are some basic steps — always beneficial, but perhaps even more important in these changing times.

  1. Love your donors, and let them know how you feel. Say thank you sincerely, creatively, early, and often. Tell them what their gifts are accomplishing. Make them the heroes of your ongoing success story. Make their experience as your donor joyful and fulfilling.
  2. As the old song says, “Accentuate the positive!”* Make sure you know why donors give to you and seize every opportunity to help them continue.
  3. Focus! Clarify and fine-tune your messaging. Refine your segmentation. Define a donor journey and build a plan that takes donors by the hand and guides them through. Review your plans and processes for opportunities to invest and improve, as well as to cut back.
  4. Keep learning. Gabriel Group’s Donor Insight Survey is an effective and very cost-effective tool for building knowledge of your valuable planned and major gift prospects. If you haven’t used it before, this would be a good time.
  5. Treat your donors like the unique individuals they are, not like machines that dispense cash when you push the right buttons. Learn their likes and dislikes and apply the learning. Today’s wide choice of media and advanced segmentation and imaging techniques make this not only doable, but practical as well.

Take these steps, and you will see positive results regardless of new regulations Congress comes up with. Gabriel Group can help you create the plans and get compelling messages to exactly the right people. Contact Dino Megaloudis at dino.megaloudis@gabrielgroup.com or 919.619.1266 for the full story.

*Words by Johnny Mercer, music by Harold Arlen