Gabriel Group Enhances Security Measures as Part of SOC 1 Effort

Gabriel Group has added a state of the art building security system to monitor and maintain a safe and secure environment for our clients and associates.

A security system that includes cameras is now being used to monitor and record all exterior doors in addition to sensitive production areas. Additionally, dual access is required for Gabriel server access consisting of electronic magnet and pin number verification.

“Gabriel Group’s SOC 1 certification provides our client-partners with an extra degree of confidence in our internal controls to help assure them that we take exceptional internal measures to ensure our partners receive the best in customer support and service quality,” said Art Kerckhoff, Vice President of Client Retention. “We strive to continuously improve our customer experience and, to that end, feel that these new security measures are a great addition to the tactics that we were already employing.”

ALS Ice Bucket Challenges at Gabriel Group

Although St. Louis has been quite warm, some of our associates have not been … in fact, they were freezing cold! It all started on Monday, August 25th at our All Company Meeting when, owner and CEO, Mike Peterson announced that he would be completing the Ice Bucket Challenge in honor of his father who passed away forty-three years ago from ALS.

He nominated our Executive Team, and it trickled down from there. All in all, 48 buckets of ice water were poured on Gabriel Group associates and two vendor-partners who were nominated and agreed to participate in the challenge at work. You can watch Mike’s video, in addition to the videos of other Gabriel Group associates, on our Facebook page, here.

In addition to personal donations many of the associates made, Mike informed the company that he would make a $25 donation for each Gabriel Group associate that participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge … Tuesday he donated $1,250 to our local chapter of the ALS Association. Associates had lots of fun watching and participating in this great cause!