New Age B2B Customer Experience: What It Looks Like and How to Provide It


Over the past few years, B2B organizations around the world have been fighting to keep up with the changing trends of customer service. Somewhere along the line, it even stopped being called customer service altogether. We now know it as customer experience, or CX. It makes sense, after-all. Gone are the days when B2Bs were only expected to provide one singular service to their clients. Now – our jobs have morphed into providing an all-encompassing experience to those we choose to serve. But what exactly does that mean?

It means an enormous amount of opportunity. While client expectations have increased and turnaround times have shortened, the chance to accommodate, fulfill and wow has never been higher. This business isn’t for the faint of heart, of course. But in between the pressure of tight deadlines, daily emergencies and rising blood pressure also comes the satisfaction of working for the right clients and the fostering of successful and mutually beneficial working relationships. Creating a true partnership has never been more important as needs across all industries are changing almost daily. The ability to not only provide solutions for clients, but also to be on the lookout for additional ways to improve how you do business for them is key for both parties to find success.

Mutually-earned respect, trust and confidence across both sides is what partnership is all about. However, keep in mind that developing relationships that turn into partnerships doesn’t just happen overnight. It can take years to get to the point of being seen as a value-added partner to your client’s business goals. You may win the initial business by cost or unique solutions, but partnerships are earned over time. Being a low-cost supplier isn’t the most important thing when it comes to providing a service to your clients – it’s keeping the promise of doing everything you can, and sometimes more, to support their business goals. As a B2B provider, you must showcase an understanding of your customers’ needs and goals. Providing a true understanding of the needs of your client on a continual basis while always being transparent on issues, both good and bad, will strengthen your relationship moving forward. So push back, speak your mind and always be upfront about your intentions to help your client in achieving their goals.

Keep in mind that, despite its name, customer experience shouldn’t be looked at as one singular experience at all – customer experience is built piece-by-piece and day-by-day through an accumulation of outstanding moments of service provided to your clients. Being a low-cost supplier to clients might be easier in this fast-paced and demanding world, but working to become a trusted partner will always pay off in the long run. In this ever-evolving industry, if you become the partner you would want in your corner – you won’t fail.

At Gabriel Group, we’ve dedicated countless hours to making our process perfect with an eye toward a singular outcome: results that matter. When clients succeed, we do, too. That goes beyond customer experience. It’s a partnership. For a full list of Gabriel Group’s service offerings, click here.