Gabriel Group Only Eighth Company to Earn Prestigious AMSP Fulfillment Accreditation

Gabriel Group is proud to announce that it has earned AMSP Fulfillment Accreditation. Presented by the Association of Marketing Service Providers (AMSP), this prestigious national award recognizes a company’s commitment to upholding the highest business standards in the mailing and fulfillment industry.

“I want to congratulate the fine team at the Gabriel Group on becoming an accredited fulfillment service provider. Passing the set of rigorous standards set by AMSP’s Fulfillment Accreditation Program is testimony to the commitment of the Gabriel Group’s leadership to providing their customers with the highest levels of customer and quality service,” said Ken Garner, AMSP President & CEO. “Their establishment of and adherence to industry best practices, provides them with a distinctive competitive advantage. The Association of Marketing Service Providers is proud to have the Gabriel Group as an active and engaged member.”

Gabriel Group completed 168 separate elements in order to meet all of the accreditation criteria. The completion of these elements ensures that AMSP accredited companies:

Meet stringent standards on delivery and accuracy metrics

Provide “Peace of Mind” to the customer, who has assurance that the company they are working with has been vetted by a third party and that industry “Best Practices” are in place

Have a disaster recovery plan in place so business interruption is avoided in the event that
a business interruption occurs

For more information on the benefits of working with an AMSP Accredited fulfillment partner, click here.

As professional marketers, Gabriel Group is constantly striving to enhance and ease the experience of its clients. Gabriel Group continually measures itself using, among other things, Key Performance Indicators that are defined by the leading industry trade groups.