Laura Vechiarella, Certified Mail Professional
Account Director

Hi, I am Laura … I began working at Gabriel Group in 2013 as an Account Coordinator on the nonprofit team before making my way up to Account Director. Although I have worked with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations throughout my time here, I now oversee the vertical that services our 25+ Greek foundation partners. As a Kappa Delta myself, I am honored to be play a part in planning and executing successful campaigns to raise funds for educational and leadership opportunities that these fraternity and sorority foundations provide their members.

Before coming to Gabriel Group, I spent a year as a cast member at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. If you’ve ever been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you most likely saw my old home – Kilimanjaro Safaris. I will never turn down an opportunity to tell you interesting facts about African animals or give Disney tips.

When I am not in the office, I enjoy having a pen in my hand, practicing lettering and calligraphy. I attended an in-person class before my wedding, in hopes of addressing my own invitations. Needless to say, the perfectionist in me left it to a professional for my own wedding, but through this process, I developed a passion and am often found working on projects for someone else – whether that’s hand lettered/painted personalized door mats, wedding envelope calligraphy addressing, customizing place cards, wedding/event signage … you name it! You’ll also likely find me watching Cardinals, Blues and Mizzou games, as well as traveling to see friends, family and places I’ve never seen before!

My first job was as a cashier at a grocery store in Texas, where I grew up and went to high school.

As a child, I wanted to grow up to be a Disney princess .… because, of course.