What We Do

Your Message Is Our Mission

We know how to craft the right message. What’s more, we know how to deliver it at the right time to the right people. The concept is simple, but the science behind it is incredibly complex. We’ve dedicated countless hours to making our processes perfect with an eye toward a singular outcome: results that matter.

When clients succeed, we do, too. That goes beyond customer experience. It’s a partnership.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is our legacy business. We have been immersed in this industry longer than most of us care to admit. Consequently, we are really good at what we do. Trust us to help your organization target your communications simply, effectively and without any extra stress, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

From database analysis to distributing your mail and a whole lot in between, we can handle everything. We will even ensure your mail pieces meet those pesky, ever-changing postal regulations and requirements.


It’s not about the numbers; it’s about the results!

It’s about smiles. Hunger satisfied. Degrees won. Faith intensified. Roofs over heads. Shelter from storms. Disease conquered. Hope replacing despair. That’s why you do what you do. And that’s why we make getting you the best possible results a firm commitment.

Let us help you change lives for the better.


Gabriel Group’s team of Certified Fundraising Executives (CFREs) collaborates with you to develop customized, comprehensive fundraising campaigns. From acquisition, to retention and upgrade to planned giving lead generation, they develop and execute direct mail campaigns that support your organization’s broader fundraising and communication platform. With more than 20 years of experience, Gabriel Group’s team works as an extension of your staff, offering day-to-day support for your campaign.


Using a creative combination of art and science, GabrielSmart℠ applies external data to assess individual donors’ and prospects’ capacity to give while also predicting their likelihood of doing so. AEGIS℠ uses your organization’s internal history and affiliations to evaluate your donors’ relationship with your organization.

Create, Produce, Deliver

Moving from data analytics to digital production, graphic design, copywriting, print management and mailing services, Gabriel Group’s single-source advantage allows for seamless start-to-finish execution of even the most sophisticated programs. Whether yours is a microtargeted communication to a handful of major gift prospects or a million-piece national acquisition effort, you have just one stop to make.

Marketing Support Services

Popularized by the business jet industry, fractional ownership is a concept that allows one to enjoy most of the benefits of ownership without the excessive costs and hassles associated with owning one’s own jet. We took this concept and applied it to the marketing and fulfillment industry. By bringing together an expansive array of best-in-class software applications and technologies and integrating their functionality, we have been able to provide our partners a revolutionary web-based marketing resource management solution without the costs and time associated with buying, operating and maintaining all of this technology themselves.

Inventory Management/Fulfillment

Our inventory management and fulfillment system is a robust, advanced and customizable web-based storefront that provides your users worldwide with a branded experience 24/7/365. Your inventory, consisting of shelf (literature and premiums), digital and print on demand (POD) items, is available with real-time order processing that includes approval loops, controlled order quantities, shipping methods and costs, and order confirmations. In addition, a detailed order history is created in real time and available via the Internet.

Customized Print on Demand

Our customized POD software allows you to lock down critical parts of a document such as logos and branding, marketing initiatives or text elements required for legal compliance.  At the same time, it allows a user, whether it is a sales representative, agent or marketing employee, to customize other parts of the piece in permitted areas that would benefit from customized content.  For example, sales reps can use personalized materials that speak directly to a prospect or client’s interest and really separate themselves from the competition.  Simultaneously, you can be assured that everything the sales rep creates perfectly complies with corporate branding standards.

Digital Asset Management

Our web-based digital asset management (DAM) software gives you a view of your file system anywhere, anytime. Our system provides Google-like search capability for all media assets and allows for permission-based authorization to those assets. This makes it easy for the right personnel to find, retrieve and manage the artwork or documents that they are responsible for. We provide the ability to retrieve, repurpose, share or simply find your digital assets. If you have multimedia with audio files, video files, graphic files and word files, it becomes extremely hard to find the right file that goes with the project. But with Gabriel Group’s DAM, you can manage all of your digital multimedia with ease.

Print Services

Gabriel Group is not your run-of-the-mill print house. As a Xerox Premier Partner, we have made serious investments in technology to help our clients print less and print smarter. We are your single source for high-quality commercial digital printing, offset printing, bindery and finishing services.

Having one trusted partner for printing can help reduce your headaches and increase your savings. Our equipment and capabilities allow you to efficiently print high-quality, customized materials in both short and long runs. Let our Print Management Team provide you with the quality and attention to detail your printed materials deserve.

Creative Development

The attainment of any goal begins with a sound strategy. That’s why we ask (the right) questions to determine the best approach to meet your needs. The majority of our longest relationships fall within one of our four core areas of focus; consequently, we understand what motivates your customers and prospects. Let us help you craft the right message and develop eye-popping design. We will then integrate the creative with data and deliver it to the right people at the right time. The result is highly targeted campaigns that generate leads, build long-term relationships and increase brand awareness.