Gabriel Group Announces Corporate Restructuring

Gabriel Group announces a corporate restructuring following the departure of co-owner Bill Ziercher who had served as Chairman and CEO since 2002.

“My partners [Michael Peterson and Dave Hawkins] and I would like to thank Bill for all of his contributions to the company over the last eleven years and wish him well in his future endeavors,” said Art Kerckhoff, Principal.

Peterson, formerly COO, will take over as Chief Executive Officer and lead the organization’s strategic efforts, in addition to heading up the day to day operations of Gabriel Group. Kerckhoff together with Pierson Gerritsen, Executive Vice President of Fundraising, will lead the Sales and Marketing teams. Hawkins will continue in his role as Executive Vice President and CFO.

“We are excited about the opportunities this new chapter for Gabriel Group presents, both for the future growth of the company and for our current clients,” said Kerckhoff. “Gabriel Group plans to significantly expand its Fundraising Division; expand the scope of its global web-based fulfillment, print-on-demand and electronic marketing operations; and continue providing critical mail and direct marketing services to agencies and corporations across the country.”