Bridging the Unknown – Marketing Now to Prepare for your Reopening

Written by Steve Koch, Vice President, Gaming Solutions

In these unprecedented times, the value of communication is now more important than ever. However, without definitive opening dates, casinos face a difficult challenge of knowing when the right time will be to begin targeted marketing efforts to reengage their customers. Sending out monthly offers too soon risks wasted expense, while waiting too long may give your competition the upper hand. It is likely that restrictions will be lifted with little notice – making it even more crucial to have a plan for getting your players back on the casino floor.

Gabriel Group has engaged in strategic discussions with several of our casino partners and developed an offer to engage players immediately, promote a quick recovery when you are able to resume operations and “bridge the gap” between the time your casino reopens and when your first monthly offer hits your players’ mailboxes. Because even with proper preparedness, chances are that mail offers will lag behind your reopening. This bridge piece should be mailed now and be used to show support and concern for the community during these difficult times. In addition, it allows you to get that first, valuable offer in your players’ hands immediately. The valid dates for your offer(s) should be set for “opening” through a specified date a month or two in the future. This gives your players the incentive to come in on opening day and takes the pressure off you to take a gamble at when the right time to send your monthly mailers is.

Our goal at Gabriel Group is to help you with your current communication needs and to prepare for the future needs of your casino. We hope you’re well and feeling hopeful. Let us know what we can do for you to make sure that’s the case. We’re always here to talk.