Informed Delivery: What You Need To Know and How to Take Advantage

In case you haven’t heard yet, the United States Postal Service has recently rolled out a new opportunity to mail recipients across the country – a sneak peek of what’s in your mailbox called Informed Delivery. Informed Delivery sends those who enroll in the program daily emails that contain scanned images of pieces that are scheduled to arrive soon. In addition, Informed Delivery gives participants access to a personalized dashboard where they can view previous days’ mail, track USPS packages and even request redeliveries. Now, at the surface, it might just seem like a small digital upgrade of the same old system that has been around for centuries.  But in reality, Informed Delivery offers organizations that rely on direct mail for revenue an entirely different avenue to pursue when it comes to direct marketing.

One of the biggest advantages of Informed Delivery is that it provides an additional touchpoint to your target audience at absolutely zero cost to them or to you.  With an average open rate of 70% and widespread eligibility to nearly every ZIP code in the country, the ability to reach your donors, customers or prospects has never been easier.

What you may not be aware of is that this gives the individuals receiving your mail piece access to a landing page of your choosing when you create a digital interactive campaign through the USPS Informed Delivery platform.  Instead of a black and white scan of your original mail piece, you can create a full color replacement image that will integrate into the Informed Delivery email template and lead recipients to a call to action of your choosing.  Informed Delivery even provides data and reporting so each campaign comes with its very own set of results and key metrics (number of subscribers, email opens, click-through rates, etc.)

With a service like this readily available to you and your organization right this very moment, if you’re not actively taking advantage, you’re missing out.  Contact us for help in getting started on integrating your direct mail into a multi-channel Informed Delivery campaign today.