Bonnie Zigler
Ambassador of First Impressions

Hi, I am Bonnie … as your Ambassador of First Impressions, I take my responsibilities very seriously, but not SO seriously that I don’t have FUN!  As a former speech and drama teacher, I learned how to engage individuals by motivating them to become active members of our team (or else they would flunk my class).  I am here to make YOU feel welcome, comfortable and part our Gabriel Group team.  We would like your interactions with us to be an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.  With a B.A. in speech and theatre and more than 20 years providing excellent customer service, I come to this position armed with the acquired skills and that extra OOMPH to offer you an experience at Gabriel Group that will certainly make you feel welcome and leave you with a smile—and a breath mint. 🙂

When I’m not being goofy at the office, I enjoy planning parties, holidays, and softball games at our very own baseball field that my husband and I built.  I also love searching resale shops to look for items to turn into something fun and useful – who doesn’t need a bedazzled bread box?!

My first job was bussing tables at Hacienda Restaurant in Overland.  We had to look busy, so we all fought over who would roll the silverware up in napkins – I mean, there are only so many people who can wrap utensils at a time!  I quickly resigned my position there to sell movie tickets at the Cypress Village Theatre across from Northwest Plaza.  I was never able to see a free movie there, as I was too busy working (violins play here).

As a child, I always wanted to be a mom.  (What was I thinking?)  But, I will say that I was blessed with five wonderful children—they have given me so much joy … now that they are adults.